Schema Therapy (ST)

ST is emotion focused therapy. At the core of ST is the idea that we all have certain ‘life themes’, patterns we live out that tend to develop in childhood then repeat themselves throughout our lives unless we become conscious of them and work to change them. These are known as ‘schemas’, or by their more colloquial name of ‘life traps’. In addition, Schema Therapy is now being used to work with couples, as a form of relationship therapy, helping each partner recognise their life traps and see how this causes clashes. ST is helpful for any issue that is ongoing and originating in childhood, such as:

Schema therapy was developed into a modality that sees clients understand why they behave in the ways that they do (psychodynamic/attachment), get in touch with their feelings and attain emotional relief (gestalt), and benefit from learning practical, active ways to make better choices for themselves in the future (cognitive). This means that your Therapist encourages you to have a secure ‘attachment’ with them – relying on them to be there for you no matter what you do, think, or say, just as a healthy parent would be there for a child no matter what the child’s behaviour. This can include things like emotional warmth, playfulness, and nurturing between you and your Therapist, but also things like firmness and confrontation.

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