Neuro/Pervasive Development Disorder

(ASD, ADHD, Down Syndrome Etc.)

A condition that causes any disruption of the neurological system is a neuro developmental disorder. ASD and ADHD are two most common neurodevelopmental disorders. Children with a diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorders are known to have trouble controlling their impulse, paying attention, listening, and getting along with others, lack a sense of danger and have no empathy etc. These problems can have an adverse effect on the child’s social, emotional, physical and/ educational stages of child development.

To promote change and steer the child towards achieving their full potential, the Therapist will assess current concerns, recommend intervention, shadows implementation stages with the aim to reach a point where we can successfully discharge.

In addition, the Therapist provides a service to children struggling with confidence and self-esteem due to a diagnosis of Psoriasis, Alopecia etc.

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